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Man Tattoos Dog's Face To Protect Him From Cancer (Photos)

 Emerson Damasceno.

Social media users are outraged after photos of a dog with five tattoos on its face surfaced online.

The pictures were posted on Facebook by the dog’s owner, the Daily Mail reported. Brazilian lawyer Fernanda Soares was the first to notice them and draw attention to them.

In the photos, a bull terrier is seen with tattoos of an anchor, a pair of brass knuckles and a diamond on its nose. A pair of stars are tattooed next to the dog’s eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team appear on both ears.

The dog’s owner was later identified as Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist from Pocos de Caldas in Brazil. He deleted the images from his Facebook account after he learned that he was about to become the subject of an online campaign against animal cruelty.

Damasceno claimed the tattoos were done because he believed they would help protect the dog from cancer. His girlfriend supported that claim, saying the dog was tattooed after they visited a veterinary school in the city, The Sun reported.

But the veterinary school has denied any involvement and condemned Damasceno’s actions. Experts confirmed that the tattoos done on the dog had no obvious benefits, and could actually cause problems.

There have been several calls for Damasceno to be charged with animal cruelty. He has since deleted his Facebook and all other social media accounts.

It is unknown at this time if police are investigating.

Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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