Child Rapist's Prison Experience Gets Very Ugly, Very Fast


A child rapist was brutally murdered by two inmates, and the details of the murder are extremely disturbing.

Reports say that 23-year-old Mitchell Harris, a convicted child rapist, was lured into 24-year-old Nathan Mann’s cell where Mann, along with 33-year-old Michael Parr, brutally disemboweled him. Parr reportedly pinned Harris down while Mann, who was described by a psychiatrist as “a remorseless, callous psychopath” who “harbours cannibalistic urges,” cut his throat a homemade scalpel. Mann then proceeded to stab Harris’ eye with a pen, and once he was dead, Mann cut his stomach open.

Disturbing reports allege that Mann and Parr planned to remove Harris’ liver and share it between the two of them, but they couldn’t bring themselves to do it once they cut the child rapist open.

“It was barbaric. Mitchell’s body was discovered shortly after breakfast,” said a source inside the jail at the time of the murder. “He was in a terrible state. His killers had somehow managed to overpower him, keep him down and keep him quiet before disemboweling him.”

Harris was sent to jail the year prior to his death for raping a young girl. The 23-year-old also had committed a number of other offenses, including rape, when he was just a young teen.

As for Mann and Parr, they were arrested and charged with murder, and in 2012, they were told by a judge that they would spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Sources: Mirror UK, Daily Mail, The Independent

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