This Dad Got A Horrifying Call From His Wife

On Feb. 11, Thioro Mbow called her husband, Hellmut Ulin and burned their three children alive in the family’s shed in Lennik, Belgium, while he was on the line, forcing him to listen.

Welingelichte Kringen reported earlier that day Ulin sent Mbow a letter through a bailiff, demanding that she leave their home and give him full custody of their four daughters.

Mbow was enraged and locked Omy, 2, Abbygail, 4, and Madyson, 6, in the shed. She then allegedly called Ulin at his work site 12 miles away and said, “listen to their screams” as the children were burned alive, Mirror reported.  

"I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them,” she said. "You'd better hurry but you will be too late to rescue them. They won't survive.”

She added, “I will never surrender my children to you.”

Ulin rushed home and called his sister who lives nearby, asking her to go to his house. They were both too late.

Ulin found his daughters’ charred and lifeless bodies as the garden shed still smoked."Ten minutes of screaming and then it was all over,” Mbow calmly told him.

The oldest daughter, Dyarra, 9, from one of Mbow’s earlier relationships, was at school at the time.

Family friend Vivianne van Eeckhoudt accompanied Ulin’s sister to the scene. "There was no chance to save the little ones,” she said. "The shed was stuffed with paper and the flames were so fierce. It was a horrible death.”

"We saw the mother at the scene. There were no tears in her eyes and she did not seem to be in a panic."

HLN reported that Mbow has been arrested on suspicion of murder, but she hasn't confessed to any crimes. She will undergo a psychiatric evaluation soon and her children's bodies will be autopsied today.

According to Excelsior, neighbors reported that the woman was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time and Ulin sent his wife the legal notice that day to scare her into curbing her substance abuse.

Sources: Welingelichte Kringen, Mirror, HLN, Excelsior Image via HLN

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