Pizza Shop Employee On Smoke Break Sees Something Weird, Takes Immediate Action (Photos)


A Texas woman may have very well saved a young boy’s life after spotting the vehicle in an Amber Alert during her lunch break.

Courtney Best told KRIS she usually smokes in the back of the Papa Murphey’s pizza shop in Hamlin Shopping Center, but on Wednesday, she decided to smoke out in front.

"I stepped outside, I was standing by the trash can and I seen a white car pull up and I just happen to take my phone with me cause we don't look at our phones at work, and I looked down and I saw 'white Dodge Avenger amber alert,' and I was like, nah, that's not him," Best told KRIS. "The man was walking across the parking lot looking at me ... cause I was the only person out here, with the little boy and the little boy looked scared and I was like no, that's not him."

The man and the 7-year-old boy walked into a nearby dollar store and Best said she knew she had to do something.

"My stomach started knotting up, so I was like, ahh, I'm gonna [sic] go, I'm gonna [sic] check and see," Best added.

She discreetly drove past the suspect’s vehicle and sure enough, the license plates were a match.

"And I'm on the phone with 911 and I tell her, look, the plates match up, he's turning left on Staples but I'm gonna [sic] follow him,” Best said.

Corpus Christi police were ready and captured the suspect, Channing Galbraith. The kidnapped boy, 7-year-old Nicholas Gomez, is now safe at home with his family all thanks to Best and her quick thinking.

"That's why I'm freakin' [sic] out," she said. "Cause, what are the odds? What are the odds of me looking at my phone? And I usually don't even look at amber alerts, as bad as that sounds, I look at them and I don't really pay attention.

"And I was like, he couldn't get from Alice in that little bit of time. Sure enough it was him."

Galbraith was booked into Corpus Christi city detention center and is facing kidnapping charges.

Sources: KRIS, Daily Mail
Photo Credit: KRIS

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