3 People In Oklahoma Detained After Video Of Teen Kicking Boy In The Head Goes Viral (Video)


Three people in Oklahoma have been arrested after posting violent videos showing a teenager kicking a young boy in the head on Instagram.

Police said Joshua Whittington, 28, his girlfriend, Tracy Casteel, 33, and Casteel's 15-year-old son were detained at their home in Konawa, Okla., after two horrifying clips were made public Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.

The first video shows the 8-year-old boy, wearing a football helmet, being kicked in the head by the teenager who uses both feet for greater impact.

"What this kid will do for a piece of gum!" a caption of the video reads.

The second clip shows the teen taking a running jump before kicking the boy, believed to be Whittington's son, in the head again with both feet.

“The kid loves it. Like, no joke. He asked us to make another video. He thinks he's famous now,” the caption under the second video reads, KFOR reports.

Konawa Assitant Police Chief Jason Teel told The Ada News that police think Whittington was filming the disturbing game, while Casteel is heard in the background.

Teel said that the younger child, who along with two other children in the home has now been placed in state custody, had suffered a bruised neck and chest, but was not seriously injured.

All three suspects were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault. Whittington and Casteel also face charges of child abuse and enabling child abuse.

“It makes us feel good, with a case like this, we can get after them and get them arrested within a short period of time,” Teel told The Ada News. “We had them arrested about two hours into the investigation.”

The videos have since been deleted, but can be watched below:

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