Mom, Dad Arrested After Dunkin' Donuts Employee Notices Something Odd About Them

dunkin donuts

Two parents in Hyannis, Massachusetts, were arrested late last month after a Dunkin’ Donuts employee noticed the parents under the influence of drugs while at the drive-thru with their kids in the car.

According to reports, Dunkin’ Donuts employees caught Tiffany Tinkham with a needle sticking out of her arm, while the children’s father, Lance Hillier, was passed out at the wheel of the car. Hillier was reportedly only able to be woken up after employees yelled at him. They ordered their items and drove away, but staff members were able to get their license plate number and subsequently called the police. 

Patrol Officer Nicole Bevilaqua soon approached the car on the highway, turning on her lights to signal for the couple to pull over. As Bevilaqua put her lights on, the man and woman were seen switching seats with the car still in motion. After pulling them over, Bevilaqua conducted a search and found Suboxone in Tinkham’s bra. 

One of the two children in the backseat of the car informed Bevilaqua that she’d seen her mother use needles on numerous occasions.

“Mommy has to use needles all the time,” the child said. “She tells us to close our eyes or look out the window when she uses them, but I never do. Daddy has to drive all the time because Mommy is sick.”

Tinkham and Hillier were both charged with two counts of reckless endangerment of a child under 18, operating under the influence of drugs, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Tinkham was also charged with possession of a Class B drug and possession of marijuana.

Sources: Mad World News, Cape News, WXTK / Photo credit: THN

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