Grandma Posts Pic On Facebook As Joke, Gets In Big Trouble (Photo)

An Ohio woman was trying to be funny when posing her baby granddaughter for a series of Facebook photos, but it’s looks like she was the only one laughing.

Jackie Sheaks decided that it would be funny to take a couple of pictures of her newborn baby granddaughter in various poses, so one of the picture shows the baby girl with duct tape over her pacifier, and another one shows the newborn lying in a roasting pan next to a couple of potatoes.

“It started as just a joke; we put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly,” Sheaks said. “We wanted to share it with friends because everybody that knows us, knows we play around like that.”

Soon after sharing, the Sheaks family received a visit from both the local police and Child Protective Services, both of whom were concerned for the safety of the little girl after receiving reports about the pictures.

“We would never harm our children, never,” said Sheaks. “We're not horrible people that they are making us out to be.”

Tommy Sheaks, the baby’s grandfather, says the reaction on social media has been overwhelming.

“I'm getting all kind of friends request that we don't know for that reason,” he explained.

“It's been a big toll on the family. We almost feel like we have to relocate,” Jackie added.

The baby’s mother says she was totally fine with the pictures of her daughter and actually thought they were funny. Despite her approval, Jackie Sheaks says she will never do something like that with her granddaughter again.

“Oh, it's definitely taught me a lesson: what we think is funny, other people don't [and] it will never happen again,” said Sheaks. “It's definitely taught us a lesson.”

It’s not clear if charges will be filed for the controversial Facebook photos.

Sources: Daily Mail, 10 TV

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