8-Year-Old Boy And His Sister Do The Unthinkable To 10-Year-Old Girl

A 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an 8-year-old boy at her elementary school while his sister held her down.

The sexual assault is said to have occurred when the girl went to the bathroom after the school day had ended.

The girl claims she was confronted by the brother and sister duo in the bathroom.

“The little boy pulled his pants down, pulled her pants down.” said the girl’s mother.  She added that the sister, 10, a classmate of the victim, held her daughter down while the brother raped her.

The girl’s mother was waiting in her car in the Edgemere Elementary school pick-up line when her daughter ran out to tell her what happened.

“She came out with her knees and hands shaking and crying,” said the girl’s mother. “I jumped out of the car and asked her what was wrong and she said ‘mama they touched me down there,’” reports KFOR-TV.

The girl screamed during the assault but says she was told to be quiet so she would not be beaten up.

“She said ‘it’s two of them mama, so I listened,’” the mother said.

Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital where a rape exam was performed and it was confirmed that she had injuries consistent with a sexual assault, reports The Raw Story.

The victim’s mother is placing blame with the children involved, as well as others.

“I’m not blaming just the kids,” the mother said. “I blame the teachers, the people who are supposed to protect our kids when they’re at school.”

The Oklahoma City School District notified the police immediately after hearing about the alleged assault.

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