Man Who Used 2-Week-Old Puppy As Weapon To Abuse Girlfriend Learns His Fate

A Michigan man has been ordered to enter the Swift and Sure program after using his girlfriend's 2-week-old puppy as a weapon to assault her.

Timothy Tucker has an extensive history of breaking the law. In November, he reached a new low by punching his girlfriend in the face and beating her with their dog.

The dog died from injuries, and his girlfriend suffered a swollen eye so severe that she could not see for weeks. According to court documents, Tucker struck his girlfriend with the dog so viciously that fecal matter was found on the woman after the assault.

“I’ve been doing this ... for 25 years,” Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Reisterer said in court on Tuesday, according to “This is one of the few cases that turns my stomach. To take a 2-week-old puppy and bludgeon his girlfriend to the point she requires hospitalization and the puppy is dead ... is incomprehensible.”

Tucker pleaded guilty in December to one count of third-offense domestic violence as a second-time habitual offender. He avoided one count of killing/torturing animals as part of a plea deal.

Cobbs agreement between Tucker and the court ordered for Tucker to enter the Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program instead of serving prison time. Reisterer argued that Tucker should be sent to prison.

Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey sentenced Tucker to six months in jail with credit for 68 days already served. He added four years of probation as well as state fees and restitution, and told Tucker that failure to complete the Swift and Sure Sanctions Program would result in more jail time.

“The court looked fairly extensively at the history in this particular matter, and it does appear the defendant has potential anger issues,” Lipsey said. “There is a point at which the system can help, but 'help' is the operative word. The initiative has to come from the defendant; he has to be able to figure out if he’s willing to accept help and act on it.”

Tucker’s rap sheet includes second-offense domestic violence in 1999, 2001 and 2013; third-offense domestic violence in 2005; fleeing from police in 2006; writing counterfeit checks in 2008; and illegal entry and malicious destruction of property in 2010.

Tucker’s girlfriend said that his actions put her in “a real dark place.”

“I was hurt, scared in my own house, being attacked in my own house,” she said. “I’m still scared and I shouldn’t have to feel like that from someone I cared about, someone I loved ... He’s going to find the wrong broken person, and either they’re going to kill him or he’s going to kill them.”

Source: Mlive / Photo Credit: Mlive

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