Mom Learns That Daughter Is Bullying A Young Boy, Decides To Teach Her A Very Public Lesson (Video)

Lorraine Walls wanted to make sure her daughter Luticia knew what she was doing on Facebook was wrong. She took to shaming her in a video to get the point across.

Luticia was reportedly talking to a young man on Facebook, involved in some sort of bullying and planning a fight, reports The Blaze.

When Lorraine found out what her daughter was doing she took swift action by banning Luticia from using social media.

But that's not all.

Lorraine filmed her daughter getting “chewed out” about the entire ordeal and posted the embarrassing video on Facebook for all her friends to see.

“Tell them that you can’t be on Facebook,” Lorraine says to Luticia in the video.

“I can’t be on Facebook,” Luticia repeats.

“I can’t have a boyfriend,” the mother continues.

“I can’t have a boyfriend,” Luticia says.

“I’m reading my Bible, get your Bible, show them that you’re reading your Bible,” Lorraine adds.

Many viewers of the video believe Lorraine went too far when she said she would “beat the hell” out of Luticia if she went online again, reports Metro.

Lorraine defended the video, after it had reached 500,000 views.

“She doesn’t get whoopins, she’s not getting beat, she doesn’t get abused,” Lorraine said. “We have to save our youth. We got too many laying out there dead because of gun shot wounds, we got too many that’s coming up pregnant.”

This was not the first time Luticia had planned a fight via Facebook. She was suspended from school for it once before.

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