Failed Animal Justice Frustrates Mississippi Officer

Natchez Dog

In Mid-July, Deputy Karren Ewing of Mississippi’s Adams County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint about a dog’s distressed howling. She arrived at the Natchez, MS, house to find a dog in such poor health that Ewing brought him to the veterinary clinic and arrested his owner.

Mississippi Now News quotes Ewing saying, “When I arrived, I found the dog tied to a stake with no food, water, or shelter from the hot August sun. …He’d dug himself into a hole from struggling to get free and the rope was cutting into his neck.”

Ewing added that after freeing the dog from the rope, he collapsed from heat stroke.

Ewing carried him to a nearby kiddie pool to cool off. “We were both attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets, but I stayed with him for two hours until he recovered enough to be transported to the Natchez Veterinary Clinic,” quotes Mississippi News Now.

The dog’s owners, Nateshia Lewis Short, 30, and her brother Robert Lewis, 29, were arrested in August for simple animal cruelty under Mississippi's animal cruelty laws.

This November, Lewis Short was found guilty and sentenced by Judge Patricia Dunmore to 60 days in prision, as well as a $245-a-day fine, the Natchez Democrat reports. However, Short’s sentence was suspended and was only subject to pay the $150 in court costs.

Robert Lewis was not prosecuted in the case. Ewing told the Natchez Democrat that she was unsure why Robert was not prosecuted, even after allegedly admitting to being the dog’s owner.

Ewing continued, “Animal cruelty is a serious problem in Adams County, and until these offenders are held accountable we will not begin to get control of the problem. Volunteers and law enforcement dedicated countless hours both [on-duty] and [off-duty] for the sake of these animals. We can only do so much to get justice for the animals and the rest is up to the courts to prosecute the offenders.”

As for the dog, he spent a long and full recovery at the clinic, was named Foster, and has since been adopted by a “forever” family, WAPT reports. 

Source: Mississippi News Now, Natchez Democrat, WAPT / Photo Source: Mississippi News Now

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