Female San Bernardino Shooter Made Facebook Posts Before The Massacre Explaining Her Actions

Authorities have discovered that Tashfeen Malik, who killed 14 people and injured 20 others along with her husband Syed Farook on Dec. 2, had previously pledged her allegiance to the Islamic State group on Facebook.

The married couple entered the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, and attacked Farook’s co-workers, who had been gathered for a holiday party. They were killed in an ensuing gun battle with local police. 

Authorities discovered a stockpile of ammunition and pipe bombs in the murderous couple’s home. They also found two cellular phones destroyed by a hammer and that the couple had erased their online history, The Washington Times reports. 

The couple had not been considered potential terrorist threats by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but authorities have announced that Mali posted her support for the Islamic State group on Facebook under an alias, CNN reports. 

The American-born Farook had met the Pakistani-born Malik through online dating. She had been living in the U.S. under a visa granted to fiancees of American citizens. While authorities are not sure if Farook had come into contact with members of the Islamic State group, he had traveled to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in 2014.

“He never, ever talked about killing people or discussed politics, or said that had problems at work,” Rahemaan Ali, a friend of Farook, told ABC News. 

Ali met Farook at a local mosque and recounts that while the mass shooter was present for prayer on a daily basis, he had mysteriously stopped attending three weeks ago.

Those who knew Farook have expressed shock that he was radicalized, his co-workers remembering him as a mild-mannered family man. 

Emerging details about Farook’s upbringing suggests that he may not have been as stable or happy as his community believed. During his parent’s divorce in 2006, his mother accused her husband of being an abusive alcoholic who had physically attacked her numerous times, ABC News reports.

“Radicalization can happen in a number of different inflection points and in a number of different ways,” an anonymous official told The Washington Times. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing.” 

Sources: ABC NewsCNNThe Washington Times / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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