NJ Police Chief Drives Drunk, Hits Car, And Gets Paid $260,000

After a New Jersey police chief drove drunk, hit a parked car, fled the scene of an accident, and then lied about it, he will be given more than $260,000 in compensation plus one year's pay and be allowed to retire in good standing.

Also, he won't face any criminal charges.

According to a April 4, 2015 police report obtained by, a police officer responded to the home of William C. King, who was the South Bound Brook, NJ police chief at the time, to investigate a hit-and-run accident. King's vehicle, which was parked in the driveway, fir the description and had evidence of being in an accident. King's breath also smelled of alcohol, which the police chief explained was because he was having a few drinks at home.

The police officer asked King is he possibly hit a car moments earlier.

"He stated that he didn't strike any vehicle and that if he did he would have recalled doing so," the officer wrote, according to "Chief King appeared to be too intoxicated as to attempt to get any further in-depth statement from him."

The incident was kept quiet until an open records advocate for the New Jersey Libertarian Party discovered a settlement between King and the city of South Bound Brook. The generous settlement allowed the former police chief to retire with all his benefits, as well as a hefty compensation package, which includes one year's salary of $148,561. That amount was after a retroactive raise given to King after the DUI accident.

After the drunk driving incident, King officially retired in good standing on December 1. His settlement compensation will be given to him in three annual installments of $109,874.81 for his sick time, vacation time, personal time, retroactive payments, and compensatory hours.

His regular salary will be paid separately. 

Sources:, New Jersey Libertarian Party Photo Credit:

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