Woman Pushing Baby Stroller Brutally Attacked (VIDEO)

Fight Screenshot

A woman pushing a baby stroller in Del City, Oklahoma, was jumped by four women on the street. In the video below, the man holding the camera tells the woman with the stroller to move the baby. “…I’m trying to look out for your baby for real….I don’t want your baby to get hurt,” a male voice behind the camera says.

Following the initial taunting, the woman is pushed away from the stroller and the gang of woman begin to beat her violently.

The woman falls to the ground as she is kicked, punched, and her hair is pulled.

As the beating continues, a car horn is heard off-camera.

The woman in the car, now identified as an anonymous Good Samaritan, later spoke with KFOR.

“We see in broad daylight a girl and her baby, and she was getting jumped by four girls and there were some guys there,” the Good Samaritan said.

“I just felt like I had to step in then because they were just stomping that poor girl in the head and I didn’t think they would stop, and I just wanted to get out and beg them,” she continued.

What’s unseen in the video is that there is a second woman in the car with the Good Samaritan who calls the police.

As the Good Samaritan gets out of the car, the attackers turn on her too.

“Shut the fuck up before you get hit too,” they tell her. The Good Samaritan then takes a beating too.

The women attackers have all been identified and police say they are between the ages of 14 and 16. Their names have not been released because they are minors.

KFOR reports that the woman assaulted was watching her friend’s baby when she was attacked. The woman has been identified by police, but her name has not been released.

The video of the attack was posted to Facebook and was viewed some 50,000 times before it was taken down.

Both women attacked suffered no serious injuries. No motive has been detailed. 

KFOR quotes Jody Suit of Del City Police saying, “We have the names of everyone we believed is involved, and we are trying to locate them to determine what potential charges could be filed against them in the future.”

Source: KFOR, WITI / Photo Source: Breaking NEWS via YouTube / Video Source: Breaking NEWS via YouTube

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