Tragedy Strikes After Cop Leaves Teen Girl Handcuffed In Back Of Car

A 17-year-old girl was arrested in Quebec, Canada in September 2011 because she was intoxicated. The arresting officer, Danielle Gallant, placed the handcuffed girl in the backseat of a Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF) squad truck with 24-year-old Joe Kritik, a registered sex offender.

Kritik was not handcuffed and had been arrested for causing a disturbance. When Officer Gallant made a stop, and left the two alone and unsupervised in the backseat of the police truck, Kritik attacked and raped the teenage girl.

It is reported that the victim, whose name has not been released, did not receive medical attention following the rape. Additionally, the Kativik Regional Police Force failed to notify her parents of the incident. She was kept in a jail cell overnight.

The victim has filed a lawsuit in Quebec Superior Court against Officer Gallant, the Kativik Regional Police Force and the Kativik Regional Government. The lawsuit asserts, “The plaintiff was unable to defend herself, being handcuffed in her back and unable to leave the vehicle, the doors being locked,” as reported by the National Post. The victim is seeking $400,000 in damages.

Gallant was a rookie with the Kativik Regional Police Force in September 2011 and had only been on the job for less than a month when the rape occurred under her watch. Gallant was patrolling alone, without a partner. She was not permitted to carry a weapon.

The victim’s lawsuit alleges, “The KRPF manifested a serious lack of professionalism and gross negligence by leaving an inexperienced police officer, with no knowledge or life experience of northern Quebec populations, and without the authorization to carry a firearm, to ensure alone the security of the public,” according to the National Post.

Gallant has since resigned from the Kativik Regional Police Department, that is, after immediately being suspended by the Force because of the incident. Kritik was sentenced to 39 months in prison after pleading guilty to raping the victim.

Sources: National Post

Photo: Wikimedia

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