Man Tattoos Cochlear Implant On His Head In Solidarity With Deaf Daughter

The 40-year-old father of an eight-year-old deaf child recently got a tattoo that makes his commitment to his daughter permanent. According to the Daily Mail, the UK’s Gareth Hickenbottom-Marriot now has a tattoo of a cochlear implant on his head to match that of his daughter Briar’s. Briar, who was born deaf with a condition known as Goldenhar syndrome, had the device surgically fitted to her ear at the age of three.

Hickenbottom-Marriot isn’t the first father to tattoo his face in such a show of solidarity. As the Huffington Post reports, New Zealand’s Alistair Campbell received a similar tattoo to match his 6-year-old deaf daughter Charlotte’s cochlear implant earlier this year. The story of Campbell's tattoo quickly became a feel-good viral sensation throughout social media. 

Hickenbottom-Marriot claims he was inspired by Campbell’s touching action. “When I saw the story about the guy from New Zealand I thought it was a great idea and a really nice way of giving my girl a little morale boost. I know it looks a bit odd but it’s nice to give Briar a lift,” Hickenbottom-Marriot said. Both men have shaved heads, making the tattoo noticeable. The tattoos also look incredibly similar. 

Hickenbottom-Marriot claims he kept his version of the tattoo a secret from his daughter, revealing it as a surprise when she underwent her 17th operation. Briar has since embraced the tattoo, and she reportedly even puts toy replicas of cochlear implants on her dolls.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post

Image Source: The Huffington Post

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