'Many People Suffer': Mother Responds After Her Daughter With Lupus Is Shamed For Parking In Handicap Space (Photos)


A woman with lupus was shamed for parking in a handicap spot through a note left on her car.

“You should be ashamed!!” the note read. “When you take a handicap spot an actual disabled person suffers. You were not raised as you should have been.”

While the person who left the note was seemingly unaware the woman had lupus, the note garnered criticism from people across social media. The woman’s mother responded to the note on her Facebook page.

“Wishing so much for you to have stopped and talked to this amazing person before leaving this. If you had, you would have known that my daughter has a disease,” the frustrated mother said, addressing the note’s author. The note detailed her daughter’s lifelong struggle with the disease, telling stories of her debilitating muscle pain throughout high school and several collapsed lungs during her time in college.

“Many people suffer with these ‘GHOST’ diseases," the letter states, "which you can’t see but are just as bad as a physical disability. People die of depression, but we can’t see that.

“Please don’t judge a book by its cover!” the letter concluded.

Reaction on Reddit to the note revealed that the incident was indeed all too common, echoing the mother’s concluding sentiment in her Facebook post about the “ghost” disease.

“I can't help but think this is extraordinarily common for (multiple sclerosis) patients and other similar disabilities. My mom (also has MS) no longer drives, but she got TONS of dirty looks when she did because she is a beautiful woman who looks good for her age!” Redditor Bestwhit said. “Sorry you can't see how much she is struggling (very obviously disabled when you watch her walk) because you're blinded by the fact that she's not morbidly obese and 200 years old.”

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur, Wikimedia Commons

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