This Is What A Teen Girl Looks Like After Taking A Popular Drug (Photos)


A Denver father is sharing a powerful picture of his daughter in hopes of raising awareness about the dangers of taking the drug Molly, also known as Ecstasy or MDMA.

Keith Roehm’s 17-year-old daughter Bianca took a dosage from a bad batch of MDMA recently, and has been in critical condition for almost a week now. Roehm says that for one 20 minute stretch, her temperature was at 108 degrees and her heartbeat was at 165 bpm. 

Although Bianca’s condition improved in recent days, Roehm says her progress has plateaued.

(via Daily Mail)

Roehm says he’s aware of several other people in the Denver area who were hospitalized after taking the drug recently.

“I heard it was a bad batch of this stuff going around,” he said.

Bianco twice had to be resuscitated in the hospital.

"Three days ago my wife and I thought she was going to die," Roehm told the Denver Channel. "To see her like that is absolutely horrifying. And I wouldn't wish this on anybody."

(via Daily Mail)

Roehm wrote on his facebook page that he doesn’t understand why minors are allowed to attend raves. The allure of rave culture is strong, he writes, and in his opinion, people under 21 years old shouldn’t be able to enter raves.

“It could be your teenaged son or daughter next,” he says. “Don't fool yourself! My daughter got good grades in school, had a job she attended every day after school, and she did her homework afterwards. She was responsible.”

A GoFundMe page was set up yesterday to help the Roehm’s pay for Bianca’s medical costs. So far, $735 of the $10,000 goal has been raised. 

Sources: Facebook, GoFundMe, The Denver Channel

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