Woman's Appearance Now Completely Different After Undergoing One Of Biggest Reductions Ever (Photos)

A Texas woman with size 36NNN breasts has undergone surgery which her surgeon calls one of the biggest breast reductions he has ever performed.

Kerisha Mark, 40, suffered from gigantomastia, a rare condition in which breasts exceed 3 percent of a person’s body weight, leading to pain and skin stretching, the New York Daily News reports. Hormones are thought to be the cause.

Mark always had a larger chest than most, but during her late 30s, the condition made her breasts grow to a staggering 36NNN. She had to use duct tape to hold her breasts in place.

"I could not run or jump or work out at all,' she told the Washington Post. "I was very limited in a lot of things I could do.”

So, to celebrate her 40th birthday, Mark decided to move forward with a life-changing operation.

KTRK-TV report (below) follows her into the surgery, which was done in Houston by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose.

"She is among the largest, if not the largest patients for breast reduction," Rose told the station. "This indention she has from constant dragging and pulling."

Left untreated, Rose said, she could have developed degenerative kyphosis, a condition in which a hunchback forms on a person's spine.

After nearly four hours in the operation room, Mark had more than 15 pounds of tissues removed.

She is happier than ever and is finally able to live her life without restrictions.

“The first time my best friend saw me, she cried,” Mark said. “When I stood up for the first time I felt so light.”

According to the Post, more than a month after the October surgery, Mark is planning to start exercising again, and is excited to pick out a new wardrobe.

"My first thing on the agenda is to purchase a beautiful bra and second is to buy a strapless dress," she said.

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Video Source: NewsPlanet123/YouTube

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