Doctors Left Shocked After Seeing Man's X-Ray (Photos)

Doctors in Russia were left shocked after they found a piece of a water heater stuck inside a man’s throat.

The unnamed man visited his local hospital in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, where he was x-rayed after complaining of a pain in the neck. It turned out he had a heating element lodged in his esophagus, according to the Daily Mirror.

Doctors believe that the metal object came from a heating system but could not figure out how it got inside the man’s body.

(via the Daily Mirror)

"The man was brought in by ambulance suffering from a difficulty in breathing,” medic Oles Kalinin said. "We were absolutely amazed when we did the x-ray and saw what was blocking his throat. Given that the diameter of the oesophagus in a relaxed state is about two to three centimeters, it had been stretched to four or five times its usual size by the element.”

Doctors were not allowed to ask the patient how the element got in his throat, and the man never told them, according to the Croatian Times.

The man was in a critical situation as the foreign object was completely blocking his esophagus, so one false move and he could suffocate and die.

"It took about 20 minutes to slowly ease it out, and it's not an operation I've ever had to do before or am I ever likely to do again,” doctor Kalinin adds. "I have no idea how on earth it managed to be forced in there, but it must have been difficult given that the natural urge of the human throat is to gag if something foreign is placed inside it.”

The young man recovered quickly after the object was removed, saying that “it was an accident and had noticed it while tucking into his lunch.”

Sources: Daily Mirror, / Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mirror

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