Woman Learns Hard Way What Happens When You Drink 28 Red Bulls Per Day

red bull

A mother of three from Northern Ireland claims she is going blind after drinking 28 cans of Red Bull a day. 

Lena Lupari, 26, spent more than $9,000 every year on Red Bull, the Mirror reported. On average, she drinks 3,000 calories a day from the energy drink alone and has allegedly gained so much weight that her brain has swollen and caused her to lose her vision.

In June, she collapsed and was rushed to hospital, the Daily Mail reported. Doctors discovered she had a condition called idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which results from being overweight.

Lupari, who was spending one-fourth of her monthly $2,800 benefits on Red Bull, claims she quickly got addicted to the high-calorie energy drink.

“I used to drink 28 cans of Red Bull in a day, and I’d only have a meal at night because I didn’t have time to make anything,” she told the Mirror.

Over the course of five years, Lupari suffered from numerous migraines and headaches, but said she always ignored them and took painkillers.

According to Lupari, IIH caused her to lose her vision, and eventually she couldn’t even lift her head off the bed. After receiving hospital treatments, she was reportedly told that she had to lose 98 pounds to control the symptoms of her condition. She weighed more than 360 pounds.

Because Red Bull contains high levels of caffeine and sugar, it can reportedly raise the heart rate and lead to abnormally high pressure inside the skull. The most common symptoms of IIH are severe throbbing headaches and changes in vision due to swollen optic nerves. The condition is most commonly seen in overweight women in their 20s, notes the Mirror.

Since she was hospitalized on June 18, Lupari has reportedly stopped drinking Red Bull.

So far Lupari has already lost 28 pounds out of the 98 she is supposed to lose. The mother of three refuses to get a gastric band or weight-loss surgery, but wants Britain's National Health Service to pay for a “bootcamp” so she can shed the remaining 70 pounds quickly.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Mirror, Dawn Ashley/Flickr

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