Sperm Bank Nurses Check On Man Taking Unusually Long Time, Make Troubling Discovery

The family members of a Chinese medical student who died at a sperm bank were recently told they would not receive the half million they requested as compensation for their son’s death.  

Zheng Gang, 23, died in a private room at the Wuhan University fertility clinic in February 2012, according to the Daily Mail and the Changjiang Times. The university is located in eastern China.

It was Gang’s fourth visit to the clinic in a little more than a week, and nurses began to notice he was taking an unusually long time in his private room. After about two hours, a medical team broke down the door and he was found unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the scene because of a heart attack.

After their son’s death, Gang’s family became involved in a legal battle against the sperm bank, alleging that doctors and nurses at the facility did not handle the situation appropriately. The family also claimed that medical staff members pushed Gang to make the sperm donations.

But a lower court that saw the case ruled that the medical student was responsible for his own actions and that the clinic did not “force” Gang to take part in the sperm donor program.

Though the family asked for about a half £1 million for their loss, the court awarded them just £19,000, along with £8,000 for a funeral. Additionally, Gang’s wife, who also attends Wuhan University, got her tuition supplemented as part of the settlement.

In response, the family appealed and their case was seen by a higher court, which upheld the original decision.

Source: Daily Mail, Changjiang Times

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