Simple Cosmetic Procedure Turns Teen's Life Upside Down

19-year-old Linda Perez fell into a coma following breast augmentation surgery in August of last year, and today, the young woman is unable to move and speak. Now, while doctors say she may never fully recover, they have allowed her family to bring her home.

An hour after her breast augmentation surgery last year, the then-18-year-old suffered brain damage and slipped into a coma for a few weeks. Six months later, Perez is extremely thin and frail, and her family must take care of her around the clock.

“I’m sick that she can’t be like she used to be,” said her mother, Mariela Diaz, to the Miami Herald.

Diaz says that her daughter has had small victories since the surgery, and although doctors say that she may never recover from the brain damage, Diaz and the rest of her family are all holding out hope.

“I still have hope because she is alive and she’s home,” said Diaz.

Still, the road has not and will not be easy. Perez is apparently aware of her condition and has fallen into a depression because of what happened to her.

“She goes into depression and crying,” said Diaz. “She sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her she cries.”

The family reportedly plans to file a medical malpractice suit against the cosmetic surgery center where Perez underwent the procedure.

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