Teen Girl Wakes Up During Brain Surgery, Asks Doctors One Very Important Question

A teenager allegedly woke up during a surgical operation on her brain and asked the doctors a simple question: How is the surgery going?

Iga Jasica, 19, was receiving treatment at Central Clinical Hospital, for a cancerous growth on her brain. According to the Mirror, Jasica awoke during the surgery after the anesthetic she had been administered wore off. 

Jasica’s brain was exposed as she verbally communicated with the doctors, asking them how the surgery was going. Her tone was apparently casual, and she wasn’t disturbed by waking up during the procedure. 

“Despite coming round she didn’t feel anything and was never in danger,” said Neurosurgeon Professor Dawid Larysz, who explained that the girl couldn’t see or feel anything during the operation. 

Jasica remained optimistic about her experience in the operating room, mostly acknowledging her gratitude that the surgery was successful. 

“I can’t remember much but the doctor said he talked to me about cats, which I love. I missed Christmas because of this operation but it is the best present I could have had as I am now feeling great,” Jasica said. 

According to Fox News, doctors at the hospital are investigating whether or not the anesthetic was improperly administered prior to Jessica’s operation.

Source: The Mirror, Fox News / Photo Credit: Fox News

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