Doctors Ignore Woman's Complaints Regarding Pain, Fail to Realize Their Mistake Until It's Too Late


A mother of five died from respiratory failure just weeks after giving birth and after complaining that she couldn't breathe.

At an inquest into respected academic Dr. Khaulath Mohamed's death, it was discovered that she was admitted to a hospital when she was 36 weeks pregnant and claimed she couldn’t breathe, Mirror reports. She begged doctors to perform an emergency cesarean, the hearing was told. However, doctors appeared to dismiss her claims and suggested that her breathlessness was self induced, since she could form full sentences.

Mohamed insisted that her lungs were failing her, but doctors allegedly questioned her authority.

Mohamed later gave birth following an induced labor, though her condition worsened afterwards. She was then transferred to another hospital where she passed away seven weeks later.

“She deserved more than to have lost her life feeling like her voice wasn’t being heard when she had so much more to say,” Mohamed's daughter Rihula said after the inquest, according to the Mirror.

Despite criticism from Rihula, a coroner noted that the doctors had performed to the best of their ability. Still, Rihula hopes that her mother will be an example to doctors in the future.

“If a patient tells you something it is your job to respond,” Rihula said. “I feel that although the doctors fought very hard for her at the end, had they listened to her at the start all of this could be prevented.”

Mohamed’s cause of death was found to be respiratory failure as a result of a chest infection.

Dr. Teresa Kelly, a consultant obstetrician at St. Mary’s Hospital, argued that the staff had taken Mohamed very seriously. Kelly noted that she did have some concerns about Mohamed’s behavior, but that it was obvious she had a physical illness that had to be treated.

In a meeting following Mohamed’s death, doctors confirmed that they would not have changed the way they had treated the 39-year-old. 

Sources: Mirror, Jenkers

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