Woman Who Stepped On Sharp Piece Of Metal Notices Something Start Growing Out Of Her Foot

An elderly, unnamed woman from the town of Wadi Al Dawasir in Saudia Arabia is in agony because three ‘horn-like’ protrusions are growing out of the sole of her foot.

The woman claims she stepped on a piece of metal years ago and the recent growths have left her unable to walk or sleep, Mirror reported. "Nobody knows what it is. It looks like three toenails growing on the sole of her foot,” the woman’s son told local media outlets. 

"It started a few years ago and has just got worse and worse.”

An expert told the Daily Mail that the woman appears to have a condition called cutaneous horns, where keratin, a protein naturally found in the body, creates horn-like projections. Consultant podiatrist Michael O'Neill, of the College of Podiatry, said that the woman’s story about the projections being caused by stepping on metal could be correct. However, it could be a form of cancer.

The woman’s son said relief can’t come soon enough. “We call on health authorities to provide treatment for my mother who cannot sleep at night due to the pain, never mind walk properly,” he said.

Sources: MirrorDaily Mail Image via Daily Mail

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