Here Is What Steroids Did To This Woman (Video)

A bodybuilder achieved shocking results from taking steroids, and despite the changes said she feels the drugs have improved her life.

London bodybuilder Candice Armstrong used steroids to enhance her figure, though the drugs ultimately caused her to grow chest hair, sprout acne and grow a mini penis.

"You could argue that when I wanted big arms and broad shoulders, a bigger back and small hips, that that was a masculine look but I didn't consciously decide I want to change from a woman into a man," she said of the effects the drugs had on her.


Armstrong said the "penis" is "an inch long" and is so much like a real penis that the foreskin can be rolled back. Her breasts have also shrunk and made way for overdeveloped pecs instead.

"They've gone empty and they're not particularly nice but I'm cool with that -- they were never my best feature anyway," she told the Daily Mail.

"I'd lose all the muscles but I wouldn't lose all the masculine qualities like the facial hair and the deep voice ... It doesn't really go back. If I was to try and reverse that, I'd need the same sort of procedures as a male becoming a woman."


Despite the masculine appearance that resulted from the steroids, Armstrong said she's happy with the results and feels the drugs have improved her life.

"It's opened doors and enabled me to develop myself the way I want to," she said. "It's given the opportunity to live out one of my dreams. I've started doing a bit of drag and I love it. I've always wanted to do a bit of drag!"


Steroid use has been highly debated among bodybuilders, and importing drugs from other countries has resulted in criminal charges. A bodybuilder in Fairbanks, Alaska, was recently charged with a misdemeanor for importing Chinese steroids with a black market value of $65,000.

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