Michigan Attorney General: Flint Officials 'Failed Us'

dirty water spilling from a bottle

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said on April 20 that three government employees charged in connection with the Flint, Michigan, water crisis let down the state's residents.

"They failed Michigan families," Schuette said, according to CNN. "Indeed, they failed us all. I don't care where you live."

Schuette said all guilty parties, potentially including Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, would face justice, no matter "how big a shot you are."

"No one is above the law, not on my watch," the state attorney general noted, adding that the three charges "are only the beginning" of a long, comprehensive probe into the water crisis.

Schuette's comments came during a recent news conference following an announcement that former laboratory and water quality supervisor Mike Glasgow, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality district water supervisor Stephen Busch, and district water engineer Mike Prysby all officially face charges for their involvement in the Flint crisis.

Glasgow, 40, is charged with a felony count of tampering with evidence and a misdemeanor count of willful neglect of duty after allegedly tampering with a 2015 Lead and Copper report.

Busch, 40, is charged with felony counts of misconduct in office, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy to tamper with evidence, as well as two misdemeanor violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Busch is accused of manipulating monitoring reports, skewing water sample results by advising residents to "pre-flush" their taps before drawing samples, and incorrectly, if at all, collecting the samples, the Detroit Free Press notes.

Prysby, 53, faces similar charges as Busch, though he also faces an additional misconduct charge for allegedly authorizing a permit for a water treatment plant that he knew did not provide clean and safe drinking water.

Snyder, whose administration appointed most of those who could be implicated in the Flint crisis, released a statement calling the charges profoundly unsettling.

"I have said all along that bureaucrats making bad decisions failed the people of Flint," Snyder said in the statement on April 20, according to the Detroit Free Press. "The charges filed today raise what happened to a whole new level and we take that very seriously."

Snyder added that he has "fully supported" all investigations into the incident.

"I have demanded more answers about what happened because the people of Flint and all of Michigan deserve to know the truth." Snyder said. "We will vigorously pursue any evidence of wrongdoing and we will hold people accountable."

Sources: CNNDetroit Free Press / Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Commons

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