Fiorina Wants To Make The U.S. Department of Education A "Whole Lot Smaller"

Carly Fiorina’s performance in the earlier Fox News Republican primary debate boosted her place in the GOP polls, and the candidate is gaining more and more support throughout the country. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO, like her opponents Ben Carson and Donald Trump, provide an anti-establishment, Washington outsider viewpoint that differs from the rest of the candidates. Like Rand Paul and some of the other GOP hopefuls, however, Fiorina aims to make the U.S. Department of Education a “whole lot smaller.”

According to Think Progress, Fiorina recently spoke at an education summit hosted by education news website The Seventy Four. At the event, she claimed that the department would need to justify every aspect of its funding on a yearly basis. “What we need to do is have zero-based budgeting in the federal government. That’s a fancy word for saying every single department has to justify every single dollar every single year. We don’t know what the Department of Education does anymore. We don’t know what they’re doing. We don’t know what they’re spending money on,” Fiorina said.

As Think Progress notes, the U.S. Department of Education does release an annual report regarding its allocation of funds. The department serve a variety of useful purposes, such as attempting to maintain equality among American public schools. Yet the American education system is also obviously broken, and Fiorina is taking a fiscal approach to fixing things. According to Reason, Fiorina has also criticized Common Core, claiming the national education standard is “a program that honestly is being overly influenced by companies that have something to gain, testing companies and textbook companies.”

Education is one of the issues that’s not receiving as much attention on the 2016 campaign circuit, but it will likely be more heavily debated as Election Day grows nearer. Each Republican candidate has a unique opinion on how to solve the education problem, as well as the role the federal government should play. Fiorina has taken a more conservative stance on the issue, and it will be interesting to see her defend her viewpoints in the next debate.

Sources: ThinkProgress , Reason Image Source: WikimediaCommons

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