Bernie Sanders:'I Don't Know' If A Biden Run Would Help Or Hurt Campaign

There is a good change that Vice President Joe Biden will soon enter the 2016 Democratic primary election, but Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders does not know how that would affect his own chances of winning the nomination, reports MSNBC.

“What impact it will have on the race I honestly don’t know," he said. "I mean, I wish I could tell you but I don’t. Will it help or hurt me? Will it help or hurt Hillary Clinton? I just don’t know.”

According to the senator, whether or not Biden enters the race will not change Sanders' campaign at all.

“I’ve known Joe Biden for many many years," he told Politico. "The people who know him respect him. If Joe gets into this race, I look forward to continuing running an issue-oriented campaign and discuss[ing] the important issues of the country with Joe."

"Joe’s views on a number of issues I suspect, I know, are different on a number of issues than mine," he added, according to MSNBC.

Sanders and Biden go a long way back. The former colleagues worked together in the senate for six years.

“You’re not going to find a guy who is more decent than Joe Biden is," Sanders said.

Rumors of Biden's possible entry into political race surged this weekend, when he had a meeting with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Washington, D.C.

“Well you know I’ve had many meetings with Elizabeth Warren, she’s a very, very good friend of mine,” said Sanders. “People, we meet with different people.”

Sanders recently visited New Hampshire, making sure to visit the often-overlooked North Country on Monday. His rallies have drawn record numbers of crowds. A recent poll even showed him as ahead of Clinton in that state.

“I think the evidence is pretty clear, we are gaining," he said. "What the polls seem to be indicating is that Hillary Clinton’s support seems to be receding a bit."

Still, he says, "We’ve got a long way to go."

He does not know whether Biden's possible entry into the races indicates a weakness in Clinton's campaign, but he looks forward to the upcoming challenges.

"Joe would be a formidable opponent," Sanders added. "I’m not sure who politically it would help.”

Sources: MSNBC, Politico
Photo Credit: Peter Stevens/Flickr

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