Clinton Email Asked Recipients To "Delete After Reading"

The State Department released thousands of the emails Hillary Clinton sent during her time as Secretary of State on Monday. The release of the documents is part of the ongoing investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time in office. Journalists, curious citizens and, most importantly, Clinton’s political opponents have used the opportunity to comb through the emails for any incriminating evidence. All of the emails are revealing, but most of them are innocuous enough — questions about Parks and Recreation, a desire to “drink something unhealthy” with Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, etc.

There are, however, quite a few emails with redacted information. It’s also clear that none of the released emails are likely being used in the investigation against Clinton. Still, at least one email has been isolated for potentially involving confidential information.

According to The Blaze, the partially-redacted message was sent to then-Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and USAID administrator Rajiv Shah. The email’s subject line is “RE: Pls don’t forward my last email.” In the body of the message, Clinton acknowledges that she mistakenly forwarded emails on an as-of-now unknown subject and accidentally included the email addresses of as-of-now unknown individuals. “I sent you emails [redacted] before removing their email info so pls do not forward to anyone and delete after reading. Thx,” Clinton’s message reads. The response, from Shah, reads: “Of course. I will not forward any of your emails and I appreciate your sending notes on issues you want to make sure we are tracking!”

It is difficult to determine how serious Clinton’s email scandal has become. The criticism of her use of a private server is mostly split along party lines. Republicans see it as an act of treason; Democrats mostly don’t care. The thing that would be truly incriminating is if Clinton was found to have sent confidential material through the server, potentially creating a national security risk for the nation. This particular email isn’t yet revealing enough — we don’t know the subject matter or the email addresses to which she’s referring. Yet it’s another sign that the scandal is growing closer to potentially hindering her chances in the 2016 election. Although Clinton has maintained that nothing of importance can be found in her now-public emails, her opponents continue digging up information that suggests otherwise.

Sources: The Blaze, USA Today

Image Source: U.S. State Department 

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