Graham Thinks Trump Signifies "End of the Republican Party"

Out of all the prominent Republicans feuding with Donald Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham is receiving the least amount of attention. The focus has been on Trump’s Twitter war with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes, but the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate has continued attacking his political rivals as well. In his recent Hollywood Reporter profile, Trump commented on how no one seems to be supporting Graham. “Leading the polls is more fun than if you’re in 12th place [or], like Lindsey Graham, in 17th place with zero percent and he’s a senator. He’s actually got zero. How do you do that?” Trump said.

Trump’s criticisms of Graham have continued on social media. A few weeks ago, Trump even released Graham’s private cell phone number to the public. When asked why he did that, Trump responded, “for fun.” Graham responded by attempting to make a viral video of him destroying his phone, but that managed to gain him little extra support in the polls.

Now, according to Opposing Views, Graham is getting more serious about Trump’s sustained lead atop the GOP. “If Donald Trump is the nominee, that’s the end of the Republican Party,” Graham said. He also called Trump “shallow” and “ill-prepared to be commander in chief.” “He’s a complete idiot when it comes to Mideast policy,” Graham added.

Graham’s comments represent a shift in the way Trump is being discussed by his Republican rivals. When Trump first entered the race, he was dismissed as a longshot, unrealistic candidate. Even after he surged to success, the other candidates remained doubtful that he could possibly win the nomination or the general election. Now that he’s maintained that success, candidates like Graham are concerned about the future of their party. It’s still unclear whether or not Trump can secure the nomination, but it seems apparent that Trump’s presence had an adverse effect on Graham’s presidential ambitions.

:Sources: Opposing Views, Politico

Image Source: Wiki Commons


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