Poll: Large Number Of Latino Voters Favor Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaking at New Hampshire Town Hall

Although Donald Trump has made many inflammatory statements about immigrants in recent months, he has won over many Latino voters.

A large number of Latino voters agree that illegal immigration is a serious problem, the Chicago  Tribune reports. According to a recent SurveyUSA poll, 31 percent of Latinos support the 2016 presidential candidate, while a Gallup poll found that 67 percent of Latino voters would select a candidate who has different views than them on immigration.

Trump's support has reached a plateau in recent polls, while candidates such as Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Marco Rubio gradually gain on him in each new survey.

While the real estate tycoon's hot button campaign issues come and go, immigration has remained in the spotlight since Trump announced his candidacy. He has emphasized his plans to deport masses of undocumented immigrants as well as building a wall dividing the U.S.-Mexico border that has "a big, beautiful door so that people can come into this country legally."

During his presidential campaign announcement in mid-June, Trump said that the "U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems," adding that Mexico is "sending people that have lots of problems," according to the Washington Post.

"They’re bringing drugs," Trump famously said. "They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

The billinoare businessman's incendiary statements come during a time when the GOP struggles to reach out to Hispanic voters and resonate with them, while the numbers of Latino voters grow each year. An estimated 800,000 Hispanics turn 18 every year and become eligible to vote, and many of them live in swing states.

Some candidates such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have reached out to Latinos by speaking Spanish at campaign events. Rand Paul has greeted audiences in "Spanglish," while, on the other side of the primaries, Hillary Clinton has begun tweeting in Spanish. Trump has remained outspoken on this issue, saying that his fellow GOP running mates "should set an example by speaking English in the United States."

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Washington Post (2)
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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