Donald Trump Relieved That Joe Biden Is Not Running For President

Donald Trump Speaking At Laconia Rally, New Hampshire July 2015

When Joe Biden announced on Oct. 21 that he would not run for president, Donald Trump breathed a sigh of relief.

"I’m actually happy about it because I would rather run against Hillary," Trump said, according to the Washington Times. "I think beating Hillary on her record will not be very difficult. Her record has been atrocious."

He speculated that running against Biden "would have been somewhat tougher" than running against Clinton. Despite Biden's chances of winning, however, Trump said that the current vice president running an unsuccessful campaign would have "hurt his legacy very badly."

"As a vice president, to run and lose, I think would have been very bad for him, and I think he probably saw that he was late," Trump said.

This late in the game, the numbers can be very intimidating, Trump added.

The former reality TV star told USA Today:

He probably looked at polls. I’m a believer in polls. I only like them because I’ve been number one for 100 days now in a row, which is pretty good. But I am a believer in polls. … How often do you see where polls are wrong? Not too often.

Following his near-instant rise in the polls after he announced his candidacy a few months ago, Trump has dominated the Republican field, according to most surveys.

Now that he has established a sizeable lead, the real estate mogul said that he does not need to be quite as outrageous as he did at the beginning of his campaign.

"You know, before, we had 17 people (running) and we were all out there fighting and I had people out there hitting me," Trump explained. But now, "we're so far out in front that there's no reason to be quite the way we were, and I do want to tone it down a little bit, but at the same time I don't want to lose the energy. We have tremendous energy going for us; our campaign has tremendous energy."

Sources: Washington Times, USA Today
Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

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