Rand Paul: Donald Trump Would Be A 'Disaster,' Should 'Get Out Of The Race'

Rand Paul speaking at the Iowa Federation of College Republicans

During a recent roundtable with supporters at the University of Colorado, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky made his opinion about Donald Trump very clear.

"I think maybe he should get out of the race," Paul said, according to the Washington Post.

The group of students, funded by Ron Paul's Young Americans for Liberty, heard the GOP presidential candidate speak at length about his campaign to reform the Republican party with Libertarian values.

The senator, who has made college campuses a priority during his presidential bid, proudly announced that his Students for Rand organization on college campuses has passed 300 chapters.

Like many of the other candidates, Paul has been polling in single digits but remains determined to stay in the race regardless of his numbers.

“I think that the polls are very loose — loosey-goosey in a way, because we’re polling undecided people, three-fourths of every poll is undecided,” Paul told Yahoo News at the roundtable.

Paul suggested that his chances of winning are much higher than the press says:

Not to be critical of the media, but I will. The media doesn’t quite understand what these polls represent. They’re a moment in time of uncommitted voters. Three-fourths of everyone in these polls are uncommitted, have not made a final decision. So we’re asking them, "Well, who would you support now?" So there’s a wide variation, and there will be wide fluctuation through January. It’s been that way ever since presidential campaigns began polling.

With the next Republican presidential debate on the horizon, Paul has become increasingly vocal in his criticism of Republican front runner Donald Trump.

“[Trump in the White House] would be an utter and absolute disaster and I would want no part of it,” said Paul when asked if he would be interested in serving as the former reality star's running mate, according to MSNBC.

“I think he’s hilarious,” Paul said of Trump. “He’s in the wrong sort of arena now. I mean, he would be great in sort of the arena of television.”

Sources: Washington Post, Yahoo PoliticsMSNBC
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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