Ted Cruz: Primary Voters Should Moderate The Next GOP Debate (Video)

Ted Cruz speaking at Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. in October 2011

Republican presidential candidates have been criticizing the third GOP debate's unfair moderators, so Ted Cruz suggested a solution: replace them with Republican primary voters (video below).

"Why is it that we keep having debates where the moderators, no one in their right minds thinks the moderators will actually vote in a Republican primary?" The Texas senator asks Sean Hannity during a post-debate interview on Oct. 28 in the video. "In my view, Republican primary debates ought to be moderated by people who would vote in a primary."

Cruz then suggests his ideal panel for the next debate.

"How about a debate moderated by Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh," Cruz says. "Now that would be a debate!"

"I'm in," Hannity responds.

Many of the candidates made their displeasure with the moderators known during the debate, but Cruz was the most vocal, delivering a statement met with thunderous applause, according to the Daily Caller:

You know, let me say something at the outset. The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media...

This is not a cage match. And, you look at the questions — 'Donald Trump, are you a comic-book villain?' 'Ben Carson, can you do math?’ ‘John Kasich, will you insult two people over here?’ ‘Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign?’ ‘Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?’ — How about talking about the substantive issues the people care about?

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the recipient of several attacks, agreed and later told reporters that he planned to work with other candidates to ensure that the next debate on Nov. 10 is drastically different, according to CNN.

‎"We need a change of format," Carson said. "Debates are supposed to be to 'get to know the candidates,' what is behind them. What it has turned into is a gotcha." ‎

CNBC's Senior Vice President for Public Relations Brian Steel stood by the moderators and said that they performed their jobs well.

"People who want to be President of the United States should be able to answer tough questions," Steel said in a statement the night of the debate.


Sources: The Sean Hannity ShowCNN, Daily Caller
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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