Donald Trump Blasts 'Disgusting,' 'Sleaze' And 'Waste Of Time' Media

Donald Trump speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland

Donald Trump may not be known for his modesty, but the 2016 presidential candidate threw some particularly harsh attacks at the media over the weekend of Oct. 31.

Trump railed against The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine, amongst several other media outlets, but his focus was on CNBC and GOP debate moderator John Harwood, with whom Trump sparred during the third Republican debate, Business Insider reports.

During an Oct. 31 rally in Norfolk, Virginia, Trump said:

This guy John Harwood, was he a dope? What a dope. What a fool. And look what it cost NBC — it hurt their reputation. It's a shame, actually. But he was really a jerk. But at the same time, I don't care.

Harwood invoked Trump's anger after asking him at the beginning of Oct. 28's debate if he was running a "comic book" version of a campaign.

The real estate tycoon told "Breitbart News Daily" that he thought Harwood was a "sleaze" and "not a good guy" due to the moderator's "disgusting" and harsh questions.

Trump even retweeted an explicit statement from a fan, who wrote that "Dipsh*t @JohnJHarwood lied debate always being set for 2 hours If not 4 @realDonaldTrump calling @cnbc out," according to Mediaite.

He also went after The Wall Street Journal, tweeting that they love to "write badly" about him. "They better be careful or I will unleash big time on them," he threatened. "Look forward to it!"

It didn't stop there. Trump followed up with more tweets attacking other media outlets, including one targeting John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight," who he said invited him to "be on his very boring and low rated show," but he said "NO THANKS. Waste of time & energy!" He similarly attacked Fortune Magazine after they published an article that was critical of him, tweeting that "Few people know that @FortuneMagazine is still in business. Tell your writer  Alisa Soloman that I left The Apprentice to run for president."

Sources: Business Insider, Mediaite
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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