Poll: Most Americans Call Clinton's Email Actions Illegal Or Unethical

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Georgia World Congress Center

The vast majority of American voters believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acted out of line when she used a private email server, according to a new poll.
The recent McClatchy-Marist poll, released Nov. 12, found that 68 percent of respondents said that Clinton engaged in either unethical or illegal behavior, with 40 percent saying she acted unethically but legally, while 28 percent said that her actions were illegal and 27 percent said that she did nothing wrong, according to McClatchy DC.
Surprisingly, a large number of Democrats (40 percent) believe that Clinton acted unethically if legally, while 46 percent of independents agreed. As a whole, however, a 56 percent majority of Republicans said Clinton acted illegally, while 6 percent of Democrats and 27 percent of independents agreed.
“The ongoing investigative nonsense is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer resources,” said 62-year-old Democrat Michael Meredith from St. Louis. “We have far more important issues to worry about.”

Clinton remains the Democratic presidential front runner, as her lead continues to grow against runner up Bernie Sanders. However, most voters remain dubious of her actions, which could negatively affect her in the general election.

While the issue is not likely to come back to haunt her in the Democratic debates, where Sanders said that "the American people are sick and tired" of hearing about Clinton's "damn emails," this may become a greater problem in the general election, where Clinton would need to win over independents and moderate Republicans to win the vote.

“Hillary Clinton does very well with Democrats, no question, but independents are not so sure,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute of Public Opinion.

Voters were less certain about whether or not Clinton had sufficiently explained her involvement in the Benghazi, Libya, attacks in September 2012 that killed four Americans. Responses were split 49-45 on whether or not they were satisfied with Clinton's answers.

The results accompany an FBI announcement that it has expanded its investigation into Clinton's emails, Fox News reports. Agents are looking into whether or not Clinton or her aides delivered "materially false" information in the private emails.

Sources: McClatchy DC (2), Fox News / Photo Credit: Brett Weinstein/Flickr

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