Rand Paul Attack's Obama's Foreign Policy: 'What Kind Of Idiot Sends Four People To War?' (Video)

Rand Paul in Iowa

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky attacked President Barack Obama’s foreign policy during an Iowa campaign speech, going so far as to imply the president is an “idiot” (video below).

“What kind of idiot sends four people to war?” Paul asked the Iowa crowd, referring to the failed $500 million program to train Syrians to fight the Islamic State.

Last month, the Obama Administration cut the program after announcing only a handful of the first 54 U.S.-trained moderate Syrian fighters continued to fight against the terrorist group, Huffington Post reports.

According to Paul, all of the fighters were captured after deployment.

Paul continued his attack on Obama’s foreign policy with more details on the amount of troops in Syria and the manner in which they were deployed.

“What genius sends fifty people to war? President Obama is sending 50 people to war in Syria,” Paul said.

“If you go to war, you don’t go with underwhelming force, you go to war with overwhelming force,” Paul said.

Paul added that the president should not deploy troops without congressional approval.

“If you want to send troops over there, we don’t send 50,” Paul said. “We have a declaration of war and we vote on it in Congress.”

Obama was not the only person Paul went after during his Iowa speech. He had comments to make about GOP nomination competitor Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, too.

“The difference between Marco and I is he will spend whatever it takes, even if it means we will go further into debt,” Paul said. “I think that really endangers us.”

According to the most recent Bloomberg-Des Moines Register Iowa poll, Paul is tied in fifth place with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sources: Huffington Post, Caffeinated Thoughts/YouTube / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube

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