Rand Paul: Stop Selling Arms To Middle East Until They Accept Bulk Of Refugees

Rand Paul speaking at the Iowa Federation of College Republicans

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said that the United States should refuse to sell any more arms to Middle Eastern countries until they agree to take in more refugees.

The Republican presidential candidate focused on the Gulf States and told Fox News that the United States is not obligated to take in more refugees, according to Real Clear Politics:

"One of the biggest supporters of Sunni terrorism in the world is Saudi Arabia, Qatar is up there, UAE is up there. Sometimes the government, sometimes private donors. What I would say is no more sales of any arms to these countries until they start accepting refugees. The Gulf states have poured gasoline on this fire, they have not taken a refugee. Iran has not taken in refugees and they've been an arsonist in this situation as well. So those who live there need to step up and we need to say we're not going to sell arms to you anymore if you're not willing to do your fair share."

Paul also condemned policies like the Patriot Act, saying that they infringe on Americans'  right to privacy, even during times of war. The Libertarian-leaning senator has been a long time champion of privacy and has said that Americans have nothing to fight for if these valuable rights disappear.

"So when they stand up on television and say the tragedy in Paris means you have to give up your liberty, we need more phone surveillance -- bulls**t!" Paul told a crowd at George Washington University, according to CNN.

However, in recent days, he has proposed exceptions to this for refugees with an amendment that would eliminate all housing assistance for them, he tweeted Nov. 18. He has also advocated harsher screening for those seeking a safe haven.

"You don't have the right to be an American citizen," Paul told Jenna Lee of Fox News, according to Real Clear Politics. "Most people don't realize this but refugees come here and immediately are put on welfare. There are whole agencies set up to put them in government housing, government cash assistance and they're basically put into our welfare programs..."

Sources: Real Clear Politics, Twitter, CNN / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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