Trump's Children Discuss Life With Their Father, Don't Shy Away From Discussing His Hair (Video)

Donald Trump's Children

The four adult children of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump all sat down with Barbara Walters for a special 20/20 report to talk about life with their father—and even discussed his hair (video below).

“Which one of you is most like your father?” Walters asked of Trump’s four eldest children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany.

“It’s actually very scary,” Donald Jr. said, according to ABC News. “We can go to Thanksgiving, right, and we can all—we’ll just sit there and pick at—“

“Answer the same questions, using the same exact words in the same sequence,” finished Eric.

The banter between family members has become known to them as “Trumpisms.”

As for spending time with their father while growing up, all of them have fond memories.

“We grew up walking construction sites,” Ivanka said. “He found a way that was true to him to connect with us that maybe is a little less traditional because he was working so hard...and we are so comfortable in our relationship with our father.”

“He would always sneak me down to get a candy bar in the lobby,” added Tiffany. “Our times together were learning, playing in his office.”

Donald Jr. recalls how his father was always available to him.

“Regardless of what he was doing, regardless of who he was meeting with, if we called, he took the phone,” Donald Trump said. “When we were 6 years old, I would call. He would be negotiating with a CEO of a major bank or whatever it may be, and he would make them wait. He’d take the call from us.”

The media loves to discuss Trump’s hair, and his children did not shy away from the subject.

“Do any of you make fun of your father’s hair? Walters asked.

“I like not to because you never know what happens genetically,” Donald Jr. answered, as his siblings may be heard laughing in the background.

“It is funny because it’s the only hair we’ve ever known, but people seem fascinated…to us, it’s the norm,” Ivanka said.

On Trump’s presidential campaign, Ivanka said she was honored to introduce her father at his official announcement event.

“I feel like I was standing there sort of representing our family,” Ivanka said.

Her siblings agreed that she did a great job.

Trump’s youngest son, Barron, with wife Melania, was not present for the interview because he was at school.

Should Trump win the White House in 2016, he plans to turn over the reigns of his business to his three eldest children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, ABC News reports. They all currently work at the Trump Organization.

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Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube

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