Donald Trump: 'Anybody That's Brought Into This Country From The Migration Is Going To Be Out'

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Barbara Walters that he would ban all Syrian refugees from entering the United States, regardless of how rigorous the screening process might be.

Responding to rival candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's suggestion to only allow Christian refugees into the U.S., Trump took a harder line during the interview with ABC's "20/20":

"The problem is we don't know if they are Christian are not. I would certainly say that [the screening test] would be superior. But we don't know if they are Christian are not. We have no idea who these people are. They have no papers, they have no paper work. You can get forged documents very easily in Syria."

During the program, which aired Nov. 20, Trump told Walters that the Syrian refugees will act as a "Trojan horse" to sneak terrorists into the country.

"Anybody that's brought into this country from the migration is going to be out,” Trump said at a rally in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Nov. 16. “We’re not gonna do it. We’re gonna have a country again, we’re gonna have borders, we’re gonna have a country again, right now we don't have a country."

Instead of letting them in, the real estate mogul previously proposed building "a big beautiful safe zone" that he said will cost less money and keep the refugees safe and comfortable.

Despite more than 25 governors promising to turn away Syrian refugees who try to settle in their states, the Obama administration still hopes to accept 10,000 people seeking safety from ISIS.

Trump also addressed his aggressive foreign policy plan and stated that he thinks the U.S. should declare war on ISIS.

“Right now, we’re being so politically correct, nice and gentle, nice and gentle,” he said. “Right now they’re getting people who have this great respect for ISIS because ISIS is getting away with murder. They’re knocking out airplanes, they’re knocking out night clubs in Paris… you can’t let that happen.”

Trump, a political outsider, remains the clear front runner in most polls, including a recent Fox News survey, which found him to have a 10 point lead over runner up Ben Carson.

Sources: ABC (2) (3), Fox News / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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