Poll: Two Out Of Three Americans Don't Believe Obama Has A Clear Plan To Deal With ISIS

Man holding ISIS flag

The vast majority of Americans do not think that President Barack Obama has a clear plan for dealing with ISIS.

A new CBS poll found that  two thirds of respondents said that Obama has not articulated  a feasible approach toward the militant group, while 23 percent said he did, which is a record low for this poll.

Little more than a week after the ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris, half of Americans now favor sending U.S. ground troops overseas to fight the radical organization in Iraq and Syria. This is four points more than the last poll in August.

Even more Americans -- 63 percent -- now say that American boots on the ground are inevitable if the U.S. wants to defeat ISIS, compared to only 20 percent who believe that airstrikes alone are sufficient.

However, when it comes to dealing with Syrian refugees, the country is nearly split. Approximately 47 percent say that the U.S. should allow those seeking safety into the country following a screening process, while 50 percent advocate turning them away at this time.

Responses demonstrated a stark partisan divide, with 68 percent of Republicans against welcoming Syrian refugees and 63 percent of Democrats in favor.

Despite the nearly even divide when it comes to Syrian refugees, 78 percent of Americans said that the U.S. needs to impose stricter screening requirements on them than the current security process.

Vocal distrust of refugees has increased since officials found a Syrian passport on one of the Paris suicide bombers, the Huffington Post reports. Although the passport was determined to be fake, people question whether the man used it to pose as a refugee and enter Europe.

The process of entering the U.S. as a refugee is notoriously far more stringent than doing so in Europe; in fact, all but two of the attackers would have been able to enter the U.S as tourists, according to CNN.

Sources: CBS, Huffington Post, CNN/ Photo Credit: VOA/Wikimedia Commons

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