Donald Trump: I Saw Muslims 'Dancing In The Streets' On September 11

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC

Donald Trump continues to stand by his claims that he saw thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey after the terrorist attacks in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.

"I saw it," the GOP presidential candidate told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Nov. 29. "So many people saw it ... So, why would I take it back? I'm not going to take it back."

Despite a lack of evidence, Trump said that he witnessed Muslims celebrating "all around the world" after the two planes crashed into the Twin Towers on that fateful day. 

"That has been reported very strongly," the real estate mogul explained. "Why wouldn't it have taken place? I've had hundreds of people call in and tweet in on Twitter, saying they saw it and I was 100% right."

When asked where he witnessed this, Trump answered:

"I saw it on television. I saw clips. And so did many other people. And many people saw it in person. I've had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump Organization saying, 'We saw it. It was dancing in the streets.'"

The billionaire businessman cited a Washington Post article that mentioned reported rumors of "tailgate-style parties" following the attacks. The original segment that Trump referenced explained that, after the attacks, investigators questioned some individuals who were "allegedly seen celebrating the attacks" with rooftop parties.

"We're looking for other articles," Trump told NBC. "And we're looking for other clips. And I wouldn't be surprised if we found them…but for some reason, they're not that easy to come by."

The Republican front runner also addressed the Syrian refugee crisis and asserted that President Obama plans to welcome up to 250,000 refugees instead of the publicly announced 10,000.

"I think what he really has in mind is 200,000 people and maybe even more than that coming into our country," Trump said. "And we can't have it. We don't know who these people are. They're undocumented totally."

After the United Nations screens them, Syrian refugees must then pass a series of investigations conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. So far, the U.N. has referred more than 23,000 refugees, although DHS has interviewed approximately 7,000  and accepted roughly 2,000.

Sources: NBC, Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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