Rudy Giuliani: 'You're A Moron' If You Think San Bernardino Shooting Was Not Terrorism (Video)

Rudy Guiliani

Only “a moron” would deny that the San Bernardino, California, mass shooting was an act of terrorism, according to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (video below).

“This is an act of terror without any question,” Guiliani said Dec. 3 on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“If you can’t come to the conclusion at this point that this is an act of terror, you should find something else to do for a living besides being in law enforcement,” Giuliani continued. "You’re a moron."

The manner in which the suspects were armed, and the arsenal found in their home, leads Guiliani to believe they were terrorists.

“When you’ve got two assault weapons, two handguns, you’re in body armor, you’ve got a home that’s booby-trapped, you’ve been practicing to do this, sure, it may have been motivated by some argument in a party [but] this is a premeditated act of terror,” Guiliani said.

The San Bernardino mass shooting was carried out by married couple Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, at Inland Regional Center, The Hill reports. Fourteen people were killed and another 21 wounded in the attack.

Farook was reportedly a devout Muslim.

Both suspects were killed in a shootout with authorities later that night.

Giuliani only sees the motive as what needs to be determined in the attack.

“The question is motivation,” Guiliani said in the “America’s Newsroom” interview. "Is this part of the [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s] plot? Is it homegrown jihadism? Is it just insanity?”

Guiliani suspects the mass shooting was connected to the Islamic State.

“There are a lot of suggestions that it has a connection with the Islamic faith,” Giuliani said.

“[Farook] went to Saudi Arabia,” he continued. "These are tactics that are taught by the Islamic State, encouraged by the Islamic State.

“These things would suggest that you’ve got to look at the very carefully. That’s where the FBI and the CIA is going to have a lot of information we don’t, [and] it’s irresponsible to draw a conclusion based on motivation.”

Sources: The Hill, "America's Newsroom" via Jim Hoft on YouTube / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube

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