GOP Reiterates: No Rule Changes For Convention

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is walking a thin line. One side, the Republican establishment is doing everything in its power to stop the party's current front-running candidate from securing the GOP nomination for president. On the other side, Priebus and the RNC are working diligently not to alienate the mass of supporters who have voted for Donald Trump -- and even Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas -- by seemingly ignoring their ballots.

It is with this in mind that Priebus took to a conference call on April 13 and assured the party the RNC will not be changing any of its convention rules when it holds its spring meeting April 20-23 in Hollywood, Florida.

“The consensus was that the RNC rules committee is going to specifically steer clear of any proposed convention rules changes because we don’t want the RNC perceived as somehow wanting to manipulate the process one way or another,” Peter Feaman, an RNC committeeman and member of the Rules Committee, said, reports The Washington Times.

“Our inclination is to let [the delegates] do their thing at the convention, and we’re just going to leave it alone next week and not even go there,” Feaman added.

Priebus has been a little more ambiguous when discussing the issue.

“Well that was the last convention,” Priebus told radio station WTMJ earlier in April while discussing the possibility of a contested convention and rule changes, reports the Washington Examiner. “The rules that people are talking about were the rules adopted by the [former Gov. Mitt] Romney [of Massachusetts] delegates in 2012. So, I find it amazing that people would like to adopt the Romney rules to apply to the convention, which will largely be made up of Cruz and Trump delegates. Now, I don’t think major changes are going to take place, but I don’t get to write the rules.”

He added, “Somewhere along the line, the people decided wouldn’t it be a good idea if we expanded the interest here and had statewide primaries and caucuses and then we would tie the hands of the delegates for just one -- just one - vote. And then after that vote, they could go back to the old way [of selecting a nominee]. That’s what’s going on here.” 

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