Kasich: 'My Republican Party Doesn't Like Ideas'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich During A Maryland Campaign Rally

For weeks, Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has been the "third man" in the Republican primaries race. Kasich, who is mathematically eliminated from securing the delegates necessary for the GOP presidential nomination, had some criticism for the party he is looking to represent come November.

“Frankly, my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” Kasich said in an interview with The Washington Post editorial board on April 20. “They want to be negative against things.” Kasich then noted that some Republican leaders are an exception to this rule, like Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, but “most of ‘em -- the party is kind of a knee-jerk against.”

Kasich is not worried about the apocalyptic predictions that follow the nomination -- or presidency -- of rivals business mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Instead, he argues that Republicans are simply unreasonable. “I think we’ve over-dramatized our situation,” Kasich said. “We’ve had worse times in this country, far worse times in this country. We’ll be fine.”

Kasich added that if the Republicans continue to pander to voters this election cycle with a negative message, they will lose every major contest. “I think we’ll probably get wiped out [in November], probably lose the United States Senate, the courthouse, the statehouse,” he noted, and continued that his home state of Ohio would not be won with a negative campaign.

“After [losing in November], there will be this soul-searching,” Kasich told The Washington Post. What emerges from “the ashes,” Kasich noted, was anyone’s guess.

Kasich won second place in New York’s Republican primary on April 19, besting Cruz. The win effectively eliminated Cruz from securing the necessary delegates for the GOP nomination -- a fact that Cruz had previously used against Kasich calling for his exit from the race, reports MSNBC.

Kasich took to Twitter to highlight the irony of Cruz’s position in the election. “Now that Cruz is mathematically eliminated, the only diff between him and Kasich is Kasich can defeat [Democratic presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton.” 

Source: The Washington Post, MSNBC / Photo credit: John Kasich/Instagram

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