Sanders To 'Plant The Flag Of Progressive Politics'

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders Of Vermont

Mathematically speaking, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is looking at a near-impossible task. The Democratic Party's presidential nomination requires at least 2,383 delegates to secure it, and with his current delegate count, Sanders needs roughly 86 percent of all remaining pledged delegates to get there -- 83 percent when counting superdelegates.

But Sanders has not bowed out of the race, yet. Much like his current rival Hillary Clinton stayed in the 2008 race until the Democratic National Convention, Sanders has the money and popularity to do the same.

On April 28, Sanders spoke to a crowd of 8,000 in Oregon.

“We need to plant the flag of progressive politics in every state in this country,” Sanders told his audience. He explained that Democrats tend to do well in New England and the two coasts, but ignore the less wealthy states.

“That’s fine, but you can’t turn your back on working people and low income people and children and the poor in 25 states in this country,” Sanders continued, reports CBS News. “We’ve got to fight for every one of those states.”

“A lot of campaigns when they get through the primary and go into the general election nowadays compete in six states, the swing states. So if people are only campaigning in purple states they are only campaigning to those swing state voters and not caring about what the whole country needs,” Nicholas Engel, a Sanders campaign volunteer, said.

“I think what [Sanders] is trying to do is ensure that Hillary doesn’t win the nomination,” Engels continued. “If it goes to a floor vote all the superdelegates are going to have on question on their mind -- who is the better candidate to defeat Donald Trump?”

And a USA Today/Suffolk poll released April 25, may lend credence to this argument.

In the poll, a Clinton-Trump contest showed Clinton besting Trump by a roughly 11 percentage point margin, or 50.1 percent to 39.4 percent. The same poll showed Sanders doing slightly better in a head-to-head against Trump, besting the presumptive Republican nominee 51.6 percent to 37.3 percent, or roughly 14 points. 

Source: CBS News, Suffolk University / Photo credit: Bernie Sanders/Instagram

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