This Is What A Family Decided To Leave Behind Along With Their Old Couch (Photo)

A photo showing an abandoned dog sitting on a couch near the road went viral and caused outrage throughout the social media world.

The pit bull was reportedly left by a Phoenix, Arizona family that was moving out of their house. A neighbor discovered the dog after she returned home from work on Thursday, and asked the home’s new owners if the dog belonged to them. The new owners, who were in the process of moving in, told her that the dog had been on the couch all day long.

“I guess the old owners had left him there,” she said. After attempting to find a home for the dog, the woman ended up calling animal control. Animal control then transferred the dog to the Arizona Humane Society.

After the neighbor posted a photo of the dog on Facebook, animal control said they became flooded with calls from people wanting to help.

“We've been inundated with calls, people, rescue groups, people that want to step up and help,” animal control representative Melissa Gable said. “When I saw it, I almost cried. It's this picture of this dog and he looks so pitiful and tiny.”

Animal control is reportedly working with Phoenix police on an investigation to locate the previous owners. If identified, the owners could face animal cruelty charges.

Sources: Examiner, ABC 15 / Photo:

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