Here's How This Girlfriend Decided To Get Revenge On Her Boyfriend


A prankster who tricked his girlfriend into thinking her dog was accidentally put in a washing machine had no idea the young woman was about to get him back in a big way (video below).

The girlfriend, 27-year-old Dominika Petrinova, was in tears after being told that her dog, Sam, had accidentally been put in a running washing machine. Her boyfriend, Erik Meldik, half of the pranking ViralBrothers duo, later revealed that the whole thing was a joke, but it set Petrinova’s wheels in motion and her quest for the ultimate revenge prank began.

A few days after the dog prank, Petrinova told Meldik she had a birthday surprise waiting for him in their bedroom. He emerged from the bathroom completely naked, and she proceeded to blindfold him. She then prepared two waxing strips that were placed on a chair and told him to sit down.

When Meldik sat down, he took off his blindfold and quickly realized that he’d sat right onto the waxing strips. “Are you kidding me?” he yells. “You are pranking me now?” As he attempted to free himself, Meldik cried and yelled from the immense pain caused by the booby-trapped chair. Eventually, he was able to rip himself from the waxing strips, though he left behind a significant amount of skin and hair.

From the looks of it, Meldik certainly learned his lesson about pranking his girlfriend. Watch the painful prank below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror Online

Photo Credit: ViralBrothers Via Daily Mail

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